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Jan 13

Ravioli In Paris, Or The Beauty In Front Of You

I was doing some research this weekend, as authors constantly do. I needed to be in Paris, so I Google Mapped myself there. As I was virtually walking down various streets, I came across the Rue de Rivoli. It caught my eye because I was in Paris in April 2016 and walked down that street. …

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Oct 10

Adventures: On The Underground and About Town

For those of us growing up in the Midwest of the US, subways, undergrounds and mass transportation are just not a part of life. Sure, the downtown areas might have buses, and if you go to Chicago or Detroit, there are trains or subways. But where I live, everyone still has a car. If I didn’t …

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Aug 22

Adventures: There are some that make me cry

Remember that trip to Europe? It wasn’t all fun and games. I laughed at myself, cried a bit, got in trouble with security guards, got lost—and was overwhelmed to the point of tears.   For those of us in the US who—like me—have never traveled beyond our own country (not including a couple of vacations …

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Jul 08

Adventures: An Afternoon At The Museum

Adventures of an Author in Europe: If you haven’t read the beginning of my adventures, you can start here. After my little foray into Hyde Park, and going around and around the same roundabout a few times, I finally got to the Victoria & Albert Museum. Of course, as per usual, I was very loud …

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Jun 17

Adventures: Lost in Hyde Park [It’s just a tad bit big]

I woke on Day 1, unable to believe I was actually in London. Pretty sure I squealed before I even got out of bed. But I did get out of bed. Fast. I ate breakfast (more on that here) and then I headed off in the general direction of Hyde Park. I say general direction …

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