Need to finish your manuscript?

Are your social media and launch calendars overloaded?

Need someone to give you a deadline and hold you accountable?

For nearly twenty years I have worked with authors, attorneys, entrepreneurs and critique partners to establish goals, develop a schedule to meet those goals, manage projects, offer productivity tips, and, most importantly, keep them on task with to-do lists and accountability.


Whether you are writing your first manuscript or your twentieth,
I can help you move forward.

Set Goals

We will review your projects, from finishing a manuscript to managing social media, and work together to develop achievable goals.


Together we’ll evaluate your blocks, habits, and behaviors to find ways for you to be more productive in the time you have.


I will not generate a plan and leave you to go it alone. We will talk every week, email, evaluate progress, and reassess our goals, for as long as you need.

I will be your Accountability Buddy

I know what it’s like to have so many to do lists you can’t keep up. Sometimes you have so many tasks swirling in your head you can’t focus, or you sit down at the computer and no words come out.
I’ve been there. I’ve lived that.

It was a combination of support and organization that got me out of it.

Let me do that for you.​

Every coaching experience is customized to your needs and will be adjusted as we progress.
Don’t do this alone!
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