Me, very enthusiastically discussing secondary characters. Courtesy: CJ Verb, Writer

I love to talk shop. Whether that’s business, craft, or the writer’s life, I enjoy the exchange of ideas. Every time I teach a workshop, I hope to learn from the participants as much as they learn from me. We dissect craft with the enthusiasm of a surgeon with a scalpel.

If you want to learn, discuss, and exchange ideas, drop me a line. I’ve presented to my amazing local tribe at the Michigan Romance Writers, at the Festival du Roman Feminine in France, and everywhere in between. (True story, I was in PARIS in APRIL and it was AMAZING).

I can’t wait to talk shop in more cities!

“Alyssa Alexander’s inspiring workshop was full of creative ideas! She helped us explore new ways to move forward in our manuscripts, and her engaging personality not only motivated us but made us wish she lived closer so we could spend more time with her. Her workshops are highly recommended!”

~ Jill Kemerer, President of Maumee Valley Romance Authors, Inc.


A Procrastinator’s Guide to Productivity: How to Beat the Monster and Get Sh!t Done

Been working on the same manuscript for years without finishing it? Overwhelmed by the length of your publishing or marketing to-do list? Or are you just avoiding writing, even though you want to realize your dream? This workshop discusses why we take the path of least resistance, the fear (and effectiveness) of deadlines, the habits that block us, and then provides practical tips to increase your productivity or writing time—and actually get sh!t done.

What To Do When You’re Stuck: 4 Methods To Plot Your Way Out of Writer’s Block

There is no right or wrong way to plot. Every writer has a different process, and that process may change from book to book. Sometimes, what used to work no longer does, or you need to shake things up to get past writer’s block. Here are four methods to plot your novel, and one Mack Daddy of a plotting chart to get you over the hump.

The Funnel of Love: Plotting From A Pantser Beginning

Are you a pantser? A plotter? Somewhere in between? This workshop will show you how to start with a broad, undefined idea and narrow it down to a usable, detailed outline to plot your book. If you prefer to pants your way through a manuscript, you can stop at any stage of the plotting program that works for you. You only have to be as detailed as you want to be!

Secondary But Effective: Creating and Using Secondary Characters to Strengthen Your Plot

You don’t live in a vacuum, and neither does your protagonist. Every scene involves the protagonist’s relationship to the world and people around them. Learn tips and tricks to create secondary characters to effectively deepen characterization, plot, and emotion, without letting them walk off with a scene.

Location, Location, Location – Creating Fictional Settings that Sell

Whether you’re writing about a dystopian future or a contemporary romance, your job as a writer is to craft a believable world in which your story lives. Learn what elements are necessary to create fictional settings that captivate your reader and bring your story to life–without ever leaving your computer.

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