Duet of Feisty Women


When the highwayman demanded he stand and deliver, he didn’t know she would steal his heart.

Injured and stranded during a snowstorm with the mysterious Honest Highwayman, Wulfric Standover, Duke of Highrow, finds himself fascinated by a sensual woman who only reveals herself as Bea. When she disappears in the night, Wulf vows to find her—and knows his life will never be the same.

Spinster Lady Beatrice Falk has made it her life’s work to help those in need, stealing from her brother’s wealthy and dissolute guests to do so. Disguised as a man, she sets off after her quarry only to discover she has tangled with the one man she didn’t want to rob—and she certainly didn’t mean to shoot him. But what happens when he learns her true identity?


If a girl is about to be relegated to the role of spinster, why not engage in a scandal with a masked gentleman?

Second son Noah Clarke expected to have a long career in the military. When he loses his brother to illness, Noah must return home and take his place as the new Earl of Parkwood. Yet Noah is not the same man he once was. Ton gatherings are now insipid and foolish—that is, until Noah makes the acquaintance of a masked lady scandalously clad as a soldier.

After six years on the Marriage Mart, Miss Prudence Chapman is too outspoken, too plain, and too intelligent to have received an offer of marriage. Deciding she is most firmly on the shelf, Prue is determined to spend her last Season doing exactly as she pleases before retiring to life as a spinster, including engaging in a battle of wits and stolen kisses with a masked stranger…Assuming he is a stranger.

**DUKE IN WINTER was originally published as part of the Duke By The Dozen anthology. This version contains an additional epilogue. SEASON OF SCANDAL was originally published as part of the USA Today Bestselling anthology A Midsummer Night’s Romance.