Can a woman who refuses to love still have a broken heart?

London 1794

Tess Murray, once a maid in a fashionable London townhouse, traded her apron for a pair of breeches to become a spy—a decision that cost her the man she loved. Determined to become a spymaster and command her own team, Tess is hunting a traitor smuggling muskets to France.

Sebastian Moore, Duke of Northfield, spent ten years fighting to save his family’s reputation. When he finds Tess in his warehouse—and muskets hidden among the goods ready to be shipped—he realizes everything he has worked for is at stake.

He might be a suspect, and she might be a spy, but passion has no rules.

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NOT QUITE A DUCHESS is the first book in the Servants to Spies series. That’s right, hardly any ballroom scenes, lots of back alleys, and a fair amount of disreputable if honorable characters.

How do these servants become spies?

They answer an advertisement, and the rest is history!

WANTED: A person of exceptional character interested in a unique position.

Job duties will be unusual and explained upon hire. Acute attention to detail is a necessity. Travel to the Continent is required. Training will be offered in specialized skills unrelated to household tasks. Must be able to read and write clearly and be well-spoken or willing to learn.

Applicant may be male or female, but must be in good physical health and willing to take risks with their person. High wages will be provided.

Confidentiality and loyalty to the Employer are paramount. References of past service are required, however, each applicant will be judged upon their own merit.

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