Guest Author – Nicola Davidson

Hello My Lovelies! I have a fabulous author visiting today, and I just want to say congratulations to her on the Book Birthday of TO LOVE A HELLION!

Wait a minute…Nicola, did you borrow that from my life? Because I’m pretty sure Mr. Alexander might be thinking we’re talking about him. 🙂

Really, though, I’d love to introduce everyone to Nicola Davidson! I asked her a few simple questions so you could get to know her.


Blue jeans or party clothes?
Blue jeans, always.
Sushi or steak?
I’m a country girl, so steak! Mmmm.
Cats or dogs? (Or hamsters?)
(ALYSSA: Me too! Me too!)
Beer, wine or water?
Water. With some vodka, to you know, kill the bugs.
Coke or Pepsi? (If you answer Pepsi I hereby disown you. Ask my father.)
(ALYSSA: Good answer. You may stay.)
Favorite color?
Favorite word?
Adverbs. Just ask my editors. 😀
Least favorite word?
Cleaning. Blurg.
(ALYSSA: Hm. Are we sisters separated at birth?)
Coffee or tea?
Neither. I am fueled by the blood, sweat, and tears of Regency reprobates. Er, hot chocolate.

And now, for a little bit about TO LOVE A HELLION. I haven’t had the opportunity to read it yet, but it should be arriving on my Kindle any minute!


To Love a HellionTwo years after the shocking deaths of his father and older brother, life is finally improving for Stephen Forsyth, Earl of Westleigh. His mother has rejoined society, the estates are flourishing, and according to his mathematical calculations his new betrothed is a sensibly near-perfect match. What better way to celebrate than attending a pre-Season country house party? Yet on Bruce land, the world is utterly awry. Strange happenings, bizarre hosts, seven spinsters stalking, and assistance comes from the least likely source – Caroline Edwards, his best friend’s hellion sister and fiercely dedicated nemesis. An unwanted sizzling attraction soon scorches their war of words, but a far sterner battle lies ahead: an old enemy sworn on vengeance is closing in, and won’t rest until Stephen and everyone he loves is destroyed.


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NICOLA DAVIDSON worked for many years in communications and marketing as well as television and print journalism, but hasn’t looked back since she decided writing wicked historical romance was infinitely more fun. When not chained to a computer she can be found ambling along one of New Zealand’s beautiful beaches, cheering on the champion All Blacks rugby team, history geeking on the internet, or daydreaming. If this includes chocolate – even better! Keep up with Nicola’s news on Twitter (@NicolaMDavidson) Facebook (Nicola Davidson – Author) or her website