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Alyssa: Lucy, thank you so much for stopping by today to share your latest release of mini-romances, THE CHRISTMAS WISH!

lmktek72_The_Christmas_Wish ebookBonnie and Charlie married after a whirlwind affair, but it all ended when Bonnie left with no explanation. Now she’s back and Charlie wants answers, about what happened to them and why she left, but especially about the three children she has in tow. Can they all really make it home for Christmas?

As an empty nester, Caroline is feeling lonely this Christmas. When she meets the new veterinarian in town, Joshua Kendall, and his two children, she’s more than happy to invite them to her library for a holiday program.  Joshua’s children seem to have little interest in celebrating, but Caroline is determined to put smiles on their little faces, and to make Joshua find joy in life again.

Brant and Hope found love the second time around, but now their farm is struggling and it’s taking a toll on their relationship. Hope’s daughter has asked for one thing for Christmas, but Brant is certain it’s something they can’t afford. There is a new baby on the way, and he’s worried about more than just the farm. Will they find a way to rekindle their love and still make the Christmas wish come true?

Certain to get you in the Christmas spirit, here are three heartwarming stories about love and family and finding joy in the Season.


This excerpt is from Home for Christmas, one of the stories in The Christmas Wish trilogy of mini-romances.

Charlie O’Neill stepped back to survey the Christmas tree in the corner of the living room. The pungent pine scent almost overcame the smell of burnt cookies.

The tree leaned drunkenly to the right. Heck, he didn’t know the first thing about decorating a Christmas tree. His sister had done it while she lived here, but Cady had remarried late last summer.

Sometimes it was tough living in the old ranch house alone. For a moment he thought about what it might have been like had his brief marriage worked out. There might have been a baby on the way by now, somebody to make noise in this empty house. What’s over’s over. It was just that sometimes he still had a hard time dealing with it.

Charlie hung a few strands of tinsel on the tree, then gave up. What the hell! He’d go into town tonight, stop at the Hitching Post, have a beer. It was better than knocking around this place by himself. He’d just plunked on his hat and shrugged into his coat when the phone rang. The voice he heard when he answered it rocked Charlie down to his scuffed up boots.

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About Lucy:

I’ve been making up stories for as long as I can remember. I’m a long time member of Romance Writers of America and my local chapter, Mid-Michigan RWA. I also write a monthly column, The Pet Corner, for a local paper, Mailmax, in support of animal care and rescue. Reading and writing romance is a passion, maybe because I’ve been married for nearly 44 years to the same guy. We met our senior year of high school. We live near Lake Michigan with our furry kids and have a grown son and daughter. We enjoy traveling, and I love finding new settings for my stories.

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Cover Reveal Kennedy Ryan

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My Soul to Keep AMAZON

My Soul To Keep

Kennedy Ryan

Coming November 16th

Cover by Hang Le




It seems the things worth keeping are often the hardest to hold…


I had two things in life that mattered. My mother and my music.
Mama was taken from me too soon, and now music is all I have left. It’s the thing that’s pushed me right out of backwoods Georgia into Los Angeles, where the line between fantasy and reality shimmers and blurs. I’m finally making my way, making my mark. I can’t afford to fall for one of music’s brightest stars. Not now. Music is all I have left, and I’m holding on tight with both hands. I won’t let go, not even for Rhyson Gray.


I had one thing in my life that mattered – music. The only constant, it’s taken me to heights most people only dream about; a gift dropped in my lap at birth. I thought it was enough. I thought it was everything until I met Kai. Now she’s all I think about, like a song I can’t get out of my head. If I have to chase her, if I have to give up everything – I will. And once she’s mine, I won’t let go.



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About Kennedy Ryan


I just can’t write about myself in third person for one more bio! I’m a wife, a mom, a writer, an advocate for families living with autism. That’s me in a nutshell. Crack the nut, and you’ll find a Southern girl gone Southern California who loves pizza and Diet Coke, and wishes she got to watch a lot more television. You can usually catch me up too late, on social media too much, or FINALLY putting a dent in my ever-growing To Be Read list!



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Location, Location, Location…

I recently needed to find a home for my hero in the fashionable area of London. As most readers of the Regency-era books will tell you, the ton lived in the “West End” of London, or “Mayfair.” In many novels, it seems the hero or heroine lives on Park Lane or Grosvenor Square. But where is that, really?

The West End of London is relatively straightforward (it’s west, right?). The fashionable area in the Regency was north of the Thames, which snakes through London from one end to other. In this West End were Whitehall (government buildings), palaces, shopping areas such as Bond Street, and the homes of the aristocracy. St. James Park and Hyde Park are also in this West End, as well as Carlton House and Pall Mall.

Mayfair is a specific area in the West End named after an annual fair held in that area in the 1600 and 1700’s, when it was primarily open fields or parks. In the late 1700’s, it became a residential area and townhouses and squares were built there.

Grosvenor Square - - 1090067

Grosvenor Square Present(ish) Day Basher Eyre [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

What is a square, you ask? Literally, a square created by streets with an attraction in the middle, such as a small park, and homes built facing it. For example, Grosvenor Square is so named because a great deal of Mayfair was owned by the Grosvenor family, built up and then sold or leased to others. There were (and are) a number of these squares spread throughout the area.





But I had always wondered, exactly what was Mayfair? How big was it? How many streets did it encompass? In Old and New London by Edward Walford, Volume IV, published in 1878. Mr. Walford describes Mayfair thusly:



Generally, it is bordered by Hyde Park and Park Lane on one side, and Regent Street on the other. Piccadilly is the southern border and Oxford Street is the northern border. Close up, that would be this:


Mayfair Small

Google Maps


But in the wider view of London, that would be this:

Mayfair Large

Google Maps


So there you go, “Mayfair” in London. Now, each street within Mayfair and the various attractions there…Well. That’s a post for another day. If you’re curious what was there in the 1820’s, check out Greenwood’s 1827 Map of London. I’ve linked you to Hyde Park and Park Lane, so you’re starting in Mayfair if you choose to “walk” the streets!