Inaugural Post: Part Deux

Hello Dear Readers!

You may have noticed that my website has been a bit sparse in the past few months. That would be because I broke it back in February. Yes, I broke it, through my own idiocy and lack of tech skills. All of my blog posts and content disappeared, and Mr. Alexander had to perform a few rescue maneuvers. But it’s all (mostly) back up and running now.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t reload my blog posts. They have been lost in the ether, I’m afraid. So I shall be starting this blog from scratch today, with some fun facts and news:


1. I like bacon. If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter already, you probably know this.

2. I love to cook, truly love it. However, my success rate is about 60/40, though as my skills have improved (I made spring rolls! and sushi!), the rate is probably closer to 80/20. Still, Mr. Alexander is grateful there is a pizza joint across the street from our house.

3. THE SMUGGLER WORE SILK, the very first book baby I ever had, is nominated for Best First Book in the 2015 RITA contest! I cannot tell you how shocked, awed, grateful and generally hyperventilating I was when I received that call! Just call me Kermit and pretend you didn’t see me flail!

4. I love yoga, though I don’t get to practice nearly as often as I like. I also like running. I’m not sure why, because I spend much of my run thinking I’m about to die. But I do it anyway!

5. I have three furbabies. They are by turns a joy and a pain in the you-know-what. The oldest, Grumpy Puck, is currently having anxiety issues and is licking off her hair. Poor thing is half bald. Scatter-Cat, a silver kitty just over a year old, eats tin foil and uproots every plant in my house. She also likes to play in the shower. Strange, that one. Last is Ajax, who is just under a year old. He’s skittish, which makes him hilarious to watch. His own tail makes him jump!


So, there you go. A little bit about me that you can’t find in the official bio. I hope you’ll all come visit me on Facebook and Twitter!

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